🎉Mew, Absol and Suicune Preorders UPDATES✨

How are the pins and standees going?

First, I would like to thank everyone who supports me in any way. If you like my posts, if you comment, if you buy my products; thank you so much ! 💖

I’d never be able to make these preorders without your support.

Now let’s have some good news!

  • Firstly, Mew and Absol pins are now in production. I received some « mold » pictures from my supplier. I can’t way to see these pins once they’re done!
Absol mold.
Mew mold.
  • Secondly, Suicune standee (or acrylic stand) is in production too. I just confirmed the factory artwork below. This is a 3D model of the actual standee, but it’s looking so far so good!

They should send me some pictures of a sample soon.

I’m so glad these projects are going smoothly, and I hope there won’t be any delay in the shipping. I should receive all those pins and acrylic stands during November.

Thank you if you consider helping me with the preorders or make an order once the products will be done.

Lastly, I’m happy about this but it’s a little out of the subject. I just received some new packages! And I needed to show you this color, they’re so cute.

New package!

Thank you for reading, see you later on Instagram, or here on the shop.

Love you 😘,